When Oregon became a state in 1859, what was its policy towards black people?

1- When Oregon became a state in 1859, what was its policy towards black people?

2- Portland. According to the percentages given in this article, how many of them were black? How many of them were white?

3- Accordingtothearticle,in2009,whatistheratiooftypicalblackincomeinMultnomah County to typical white income in Multnomah County? Write your answer in lowest terms.

4- How many African-Americans in Multnomah County owned homes in 2010? How many whites? (Use your answers from the second question to answer this, even though they are referring to different years – the numbers are about the same.)

5- In recent years, what percentage of black people have had to move from the center of the city due to rising prices?

6- Define gentrification. (You can look this up if you need to; please list the source for your definition if you get it from a different website.)

7- What was Vanport? Who lived there? What happened to it?

8- What is redlining?

9- How many mortgage loans were made in a typical four-census-tract area in Portland in 1990? How does this compare to what happened in the Albina District at that time?

10- Did you know about this part of Oregon’s history? If so, please tell me where you learned about it. If not, please list the most surprising fact that you learned from this article.

11- Do the themes in this article connect to your personal experience? [You can share as little or as much here as you would like. There is no pressure to speak for your entire demographic.]

12- What is the article’s main point? Do you think the author supported it? If so, how, and if not, why not?