What actions have you taken so far to achieve your goals?

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Question 4

What you should have already completed:

You should have completed your PDP action plan form as part of Activity 6.21 in Block 1 Part 6, and submitted it in TMA02. You will find it helpful to revisit Steps 4 and 5 of Section 6.6.3 Reviewing your goals and action plan before answering this question.

Your tasks for this question are to:

  • review and reflect on your progress in relation to the PDP action plan (which you submitted as part of TMA02)
  • comment briefly on the knowledge and skills that you have gained as a result of your studies
  • assess your progress towards your goals, and/or state clearly why/how they have changed.

You should use the PDP action plan review template for this purpose, and you should then make an updated version of your PDP action plan form.

Your commentary must include the goal(s) relating to improving your learning or study skills while studying TM111.

You should copy and paste both the completed PDP action plan review template and your updated PDP action plan form into your TMA03 document as your answer to this question.

Steps 4 and 5 Reviewing your goals and your action plan

As you progress through your studies, you should go back regularly – perhaps on a monthly basis – to your PDP action plan. In your action plan record your new skills and achievements and check that you are still on track to reach your targets within the time you specified in your plan.

Remember, goals are not fixed. They should be monitored, reviewed, changed and added to over time as your circumstances and plans change. You may find it helpful to work through these questions:

  • What actions have you taken so far to achieve your goals?
  • To what extent have your actions met your goals?
  • How realistic were the goals and do they need to be changed?
  • What feedback have you received from other people, and how have you used it?

You might already have a number of these items, and you will add to them during your studies. The important thing is to know where they are, so you have the evidence to hand when you need to review it.

Actively reflecting on your own performance in this way is the first step to becoming an independent, self-motivated learner and a reflective practitioner. In TMA 03 there is a question that will help you to reflect on your learning and development on TM111 in reviewing your action plan.

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