Western Civilization

1. The rest of Greece admired Sparta for its

A. artistic creativity.

B. contributions to philosophy.

C. military might.

D. All these answers are correct.

2. Greeks of the Archaic Age were NOT bound together by a

A. common language.

B. unified state.

C. shared tradition of heroic stories and folk tales.

D. standard set of myths and religious practices.

3. Solon was

A. the leader of the Spartans in the Persian Wars.

B. an Athenian admiral during the Persian Wars.

C. an aristocrat who reformed the Athenian economy and social orders.

D. one of the early Greek playwrights.

4. The impact of Greece’s first philosophers resulted from the fact that

A. they described the physical world as the result of natural causes and effects.

B. they questioned the role, power, and existence of the Greek deities.

C. they established a body of knowledge that came to be identified as natural philosophy.

D. All these answers are correct.

5. The cultural institution that grew out of the worship of Dionysus was the

A. library.

B. academy.

C. church.

D. theater.

6. Minoan art reveals which Cretan religious practice?

A. worship of a god of thunder

B. human sacrifices

C. worship of a mother goddess

D. belief in a deity who resides within each human subject

7. In the Archaic style, how did a statue of a korē differ from a statue of a kouros?

A. A korē was given an archaic smile.

B. A korē was portrayed clothed.

C. A korē was portrayed with stylized hair.

D. All these answers are correct.

8. One Egyptian influence on Archaic Greek sculpture was

A. open body stance and balance.

B. shifting of bodily weight onto one leg.

C. left-foot-forward movement.

D. emotions recorded on faces.