understanding of the neuropathophysiology

The development of the SEWS grew out of a perceived clinical necessity in
providing optimal care through an original, specifically targeted approach to
AWS medication treatment. It is being used with growing ubiquity and is
available for others to adopt and assess for themselves. Questions or concerns
about its use—such as the specific protocol in our hospital that integrates the
SEWS—may be directed to the principal author.
The SEWS appears to have some of the characteristics of symptom-triggered
and front-loaded treatment. (Gold, Rimal, Nolan, & Nelson, 2007;
Lejoyeux, Solomon, & Ades, 1998) Consistent with the present data, higher
effective treatment doses appear to reach the patient via the SEWS over the
CIWA-Ar. Prospective studies will need to control for differences in setting
and administration bias to acquire the best evidence for treatment effect.
Such assessments could also gather secondary data regarding ease of clinical
use and utilization cost. We look forward to studies that might further test
the characteristics of this innovative scale, one that may substantially and
immediately improve the care of the large numbers of persons who suffer
AWS each year.