understanding intrapersonal communication

Nicholas Johnson

WednesdayApr 4 at 11:41am

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Hi class-

After looking over the different skills of communicating I feel that the one skill that I have a pretty good understanding of and do well with is my intrapersonal communication. I feel that I have come a long way with my self-awareness and having a positive acceptance of the person that I am. I struggled with self-esteem for a long time in my adolescence due to a struggle with my weight. A few years after high school when I decided to join the military is where I really gained some perspective and became confident in my own skin. I think this confidence helped me to communicate with others better and during this time period is when I also met my wife. I learned how to create my own self and stopped trying to be someone everyone else was or wanted me to be. I’m very glad that I did this when I did and am thankful for joining the military and meeting my wife because it made me the man I am today and brought me to the confidence level I am today.

An area that I know that I still need to improve on is my listening skills. When I am not listening its not something that I do to intentionally not listen or hurt the speakers feelings, in my line of work I do a lot of physical labor so sometimes at the end of the day my mind and body and just exhausted. I think this course have provided me with some great insight and ideas on how I can become a better listener and how it will benefit me in my professional and my personal life. I admit that in this day and age we can all get side tracked and easily distracted by our daily routines and not put our focus where and with who we should be. Positive communication would only make things better in our society and I know when step towards that is working on my listening skills and myself.
















Ian Rogers

Wednesday Apr 4 at 11:50am



I believe the biggest positive in my communication is confidence. In my career you cannot have any doubt in what you are doing or saying, employees and others need to think that you almost have all the answers. I have had to peace things together on the fly with different communications and I will need to stick with what I said.


The thing that I now see after looking back and take that quiz is my non-verbal communication is not that good. I have seen that I do not look people in the eye and get distracted easily with emails, texts and phone calls. After reading what that can do to the receiver on the message I can see how that can hurt the outcome of the massage.


By improving my non-verbal communication I will be able to engage with the other person in the conversation better. This will benefit the sender of the conversation because they will see that I am staying engaged with eye contact and not thinking of other things. I will benefit by concentrating on what they are saying so I can take in all the information and not miss anything.


Ian Rogers


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