The evolution of faculty tenure and promotion rules in comprehensive institutions

The Saudi Arabian Commercial Banking Sector Report for rst quarter 2014 includes a 5-year forecast to 2017 on indicators such as total assets, client loans, bond portfolio, other assets, liabilities and capital, capital, client deposits and other liabilities. For example, the total assets of the commercial banks as at September 2013 stands at SAR1,835.6 billion that represents a higher amount of SAR1,649.4 billion than that of the previous year 2012, and hence, resulting in 11.3% change. The bond portfolio also increases by 28.9% (SAR218.7 billion, 2013; SAR169.7 billion, 2012). The capital of this industry also increases by 8.2% (SAR255.2 billion, 2013; SAR235.9 billion, 2012). The consequence of this record in the Saudi Arabia economy is that it shows the potentials for investors’ interest because of the growth in the banking sector and also the necessity to prevent any possible drawback of the country economy, and by inferences, fraud is one of the disastrous phenomena since no nation is free from fraud. The banking sector portfolio is illustrated in Table