The Crusades

Following is the assigned prompt for this forum:

For this forum, research and compose your main posting (500 words or so) on ONE (1) of the following themes in Ridley-Scott’s Film Kingdom of Heaven, analyzing the extent to which its treatment is historically accurate or fictionalized. Back up your assessment with reference to whatever primary and secondary sources you choose to include, working from the “Research Resources at Your Disposal” provided on the Agenda Page for Week 9 (March 22-28).
Possible themes from which you may pick:
> the character Balian of Ibelin and his role in events
> the character Baldwin IV “The Leper King” and his role in events
> the character Sibylla and her role in events
> the character Guy de Lusignan and his role in events
> the character Reynald of Chatillon and his role in events
> the character Saladin and his role in events
> the depiction of Frankish government (i.e., institutions of government) and international diplomacy throughout the film
> the depiction of the royal succession, and factional politics over succession, in the Latin kingdom of the period
> the depiction of warfare throughout the film
> the depiction of the causality of the battle of Hattin (i.e., the events leading up to it) and what transpired there
> the depiction of the siege of Jerusalem by Saladin, the negotiations leading to its surrender, and the fate of the surviving Franks

Hi let me know which theme you pick and I will upload more secondary sources

Please view the film, let me know if there are any issues
Students will need to closely analyze the film (Kingdom of Heaven) in researching their Forum posting themes.

Note that two versions of the film were commercially released: the “Original Theatrical Cut” (May 2005), and an “Extended Director’s Cut” (December 2005), which restored forty-five minutes of film which had been edited out of the “Original Theatrical Cut.” The DVD set including this Director’s Cut was released in May 2006, and this is the version students should try and watch.