The Anti-Hybridity Backlash and the Riddles of Recognition

Criticisms of particular versions of hybridity arguments
and quirks in hybridity thinking are familiar.
The most conspicuous shortcoming is that hybridity
skips over questions of power and inequality: ‘hybridity
is not parity.’ Some arguments make no distinction
between different levels: ‘The triumph of the hybrid is
in fact a triumph of neo-liberal multiculturalism, a
part of the triumph of global capitalism.’ These wholesale
repudiations of hybridity thinking belong in a
different category: this is the anti-hybridity backlash,
which this article takes on. In the discussion below
most arguments against hybridity thinking have been
taken from Friedman as representative of a wider view.
A precis of anti-hybridity arguments and rejoinders is
in Table 1.
Hybridity Is M