symbol of equality.

Visual media… “The Coconuts” series on Afrotainment… (South Africa)…Giving Blacks a false sense of who they’re meant to be. H. Games…video…board games…Quiet blacks with games, video, board games and try to impose responsibilities and the idea of working hard after given them all the freedom. I. Memory replacement… when whites lift Blacks’ memories and replace them with a white identity. II. A. Black African… A term that was/is seen as offensive, and characterized by grim or grotesque satire B. Dictionary definitions… something bad, dirty, soiled, sinister, evil, etc… C.

Evidence of negative identity… if you don’t speak of your race you will be fully accepted in the white world. D. Definition of “beauty”… It’s all dependent on what the media/culture portrays as beauty. E. Silence towards Black identity…renders rewards… rewarding by white community because you’re being submissive and the silence is shown as a symbol of equality. F. Current “New Face of Africa” series on Afrotainment… Halle Berry, Tyra Banks Mr. Valerie, L. C Bolanga, Tofjne G. Self-mutilation…bleaching… tattoos… Blacks are the highest consumers who use these products in order to mold themselves into what the media portrays as beautiful.

H. Kenneth Clark’s “doll test”… Black children were shown black and white dolls and asked a series of question pertaining to images. They picked the white dolls to describe pretty, smart, and the one they liked most. I. “Africans in Denial Syndrome…class discussion by Dr. King… Africans denying their origins. J. African Symbols… Kojo- Heavenly and all knowing. K. Corruption in and outside of Africa… Foreign countries passing laws banning cultural habits in societies. L. African adornment…Kenyan Parliament… No longer allowed to wear their attire. M.

Devaluing “Culture”…Not recognizing African culture because most blacks don’t even identify themselves as Africans. N. Assimilation versus Absorption…Assimilation involves the integration of people’s identity into a different culture whereas absorption refers to taking in the culture and doing as those in the different culture do while retaining your own identity/culture. O. Pan-Africanism… is the highest form of resistance to slavery. P. The “best” of what it means to be an African…is being the descendants of kings and queen. III.