Supplier Relationships

Assume you are a procurement agent for Wal-Mart or you represent a potential supplier to the retailer selling high-end or low-end snow-blowers. You can decide if you are an agent/supplier of a high-end or low-end line of snow-blowers.

  1. Begin your post stating your position:  agent or supplier, high-end or low-end snow-blower.
  2. Procurement agents will present the case that the supplier should sell its product at Wal-Mart. Suppliers will present a case for selling through Wal-Mart or the reasons they don’t want to sell their product through the retailer.
  3. At the end of your post, include at least one reference to support your position. You’ll find many on-line references to Wal-Mart and supplier relationships. Earn 2% additional credit by adding a second reference to course content from Week 1 or 2.