When My Displacement and Velocity and Acceleration Matter

US Military Contractor Report Format

Purpose: This section is to define the basic purpose of the work being presented.

Recommended questions to answer in the analysis section

· How did the displacement and position considerations vary for your situation/event?

· How did the consideration of velocity compared to speed change your view of the situation/event? Is there a situation where the velocity is more useful than the speed? (Hint: consider an observer’s point of view)

· Was acceleration part of the situation you chose?

· What, if any, advantages do position/time and velocity/time diagrams provide?

Reflection on Position-Displacement, Speed-Velocity, and Acceleration:

Discuss the experience of interest.

Explain why you were curious about describing your experience in terms of displacement instead of position, velocity instead of speed, and acceleration

Reflect on any change in how you think about the situation/event introduced by thinking in terms of the physics concepts of position, velocity and acceleration.