strength and limitations of the literature

Alternate Assignment for Theoretical Orientation

Your assignment is to complete a literature review on one of the theorists in your textbook. You will explain the theorists theory of personality then review the literature on it (hint: look in the back of each chapter for the application of the theory. It lists related research).

You must use no fewer than FOUR current and peer-reviewed sources (scholarly journal articles only). This should be no less than 5 pages (double spaced) not including your cover or reference pages. You must use APA citation style. (No abstract is necessary.) If you need assistance with APA style you may visit the library. This website may also help: If you have any questions on APA please let me know.

You can read this article from the University of Washington for more specifics on how to write a literature review. I would highly suggest providing a page or two on general theory (you may use your textbook for that), reviewing each of the articles individually, then synthesizing all of the information, outlining strengths and limitations.

· Explanation of your theorist’s personality theory. (16.67 points)

· General summary of the literature. (include operational definitions) (16.67 points)

· Significance of the topic to the field of psychology. (16.67 points)

· Strengths and limitations of the literature used. (16.67 points)

· Implications for future research. (16.67 points)

· Articulation of response (16.67 points)

Suggested rough outline:

I. Summary of chosen personality theory

II. Short summary of each peer-reviewed article

III. Synthesis of all four articles

IV. Significance to the field of psychology

V. Strengths and limitations of the literature used

VI. Implications for future research.

Please use topic headings so I know where all of the information can be found.

Things to remember:

· Your Turnitin score MUST be 15% or less.

· You may not use information from your theoretical orientation paper for this assignment.

· Due no later than December 6 at NOON. Upload to Canvas under the theoretical orientation assignment.