social injustices occurring in the workplaces

Despite these social injustices occurring in the workplaces, leading poultry such as Tyson Foods, Sanderson Farms, Perdue Farm and Pilgrim’s Pride denied these claims claiming that Oxfam was witch-hunting them. However, reality stands that due to the poverty levels of these workers few or none would move to court against this corporate bodies hence resulting in more atrocities. The intervention by Oxfam brought into the limelight the controversial issue and assisted highlights the worker’s plight. Employee welfare is key in the workplace, should be maintained with high levels of integrity as this creates conducive working environments, and motivates employees to maximize their effort in attaining set goals. This welfare was out-rightly abused with the workers social status and poverty level being levelled against them to victimize them. According to the U.S Workplace Safety laws, denial of regular access to the washroom amounts to a violation of the anti-discrimination laws. Additionally this goes against the Disabilities Act and other civil rights laws that outlaw sex or gender discrimination. Strict laws to monitor against and punish perpetrators of such injustices should be enacted and enforced to curb against them.