relationship between business and society

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Given the views discussed this week on the purpose of a corporation; do you think that corporate law, governmental regulation, or public opinion is in the best position to create change in the relationship between business and society? Pick a side to create and support your arguments using research you have carried out using the NECB eLibrary. Internet links will not be acceptable references for this assignment.

Write a 5 ½ page paper about your argument in a Word document (or equivalent format) that includes the following:

1. A cover sheet (no abstract)

2. Margins/font size/spacing: 1” margins top, bottom, left and right, size 12-point font, double spacing evenly throughout.

3. Minimum of 3 references to valid (recent, relevant, high-quality) external sources of information and properly cited within the text and cited in APA format within the reference page. Contains 1 reference from the course.