reality stands due to the poverty levels

In the recent past, poultry workers in the U.S have reportedly been denied washroom breaks forcing them to wear diapers according to an exposé by Oxfam an anti-poverty group. These poor workers were in constant fear of losing their jobs therefore had to persevere hard times since it was their only way of earning a decent living. Asking for permission to attend to a call of nature resulted in harsh treatment involving physical punishment, mockery or dismissal from work. Some workers opted to restrict themselves from using fluids or liquids to avoid the discomfort and pain as a result of nature calls. To a greater extent, women were the most affected due to the normal biological realities caused by pregnancy and menstruation making these experiences a living hell for them. These poor workers had to make the hard choice between job security and their health opting to risk the latter with washroom breaks coming distantly apart within the normal eight (8) working hours in a day. Incidences of workers with health related issues having no washroom breaks either resulted to worsening conditions and high medical bills for the affected. Moreover, the harsh denial also led to struggles to maintain individual dignity and privacy which in itself was a violation.

Despite these social injustices occurring in the workplaces, leading poultry such as Tyson Foods, Sanderson Farms, Perdue Farm and Pilgrim’s Pride denied these claims claiming that Oxfam was witch-hunting them. However, reality stands that due to the poverty levels of these workers few or none would move to court against this corporate bodies hence resulting in more atrocities. The intervention by Oxfam brought into the limelight the controversial issue and assisted highlights the worker’s plight. Employee welfare is key in the workplace, should be maintained with high levels of integrity as this creates conducive working environments, and motivates employees to maximize their effort in attaining set goals. This welfare was out-rightly abused with the workers social status and poverty level