Queen Elizabeth visits Australia

1950s: Queen Elizabeth Visit Australia

Queen Elizabeth visits Australia and declares Aborigines welfare ordinance, which meant cleansing of the capital territory of Australia of the Aboriginal people. The Federation Council of Aborigines was established, to bring together the civil rights and welfare of the Aboriginal people.

1960s: Strikes

The workforce of the Palm Island strike and demonstrated against apartheid and unfair wages. They were later declared eligible for the benefits of social service. A Native Welfare Conference was held, where minister agreed to assimilate Aborigines to the economy through education, training, and welfare measures.

1970s: Integration policy

In this period, an integration policy was established, which aimed to give the Aborigines more control over their society and lives Queen Elizabeth visits Australia. Aboriginal people and students conducted the freedom ride to support their rights. The ride demonstrated the extent of discrimination they faced such as segregation from shop services, swimming pools, cinemas, clubs, and hotels

1980: Self-Determination/Self-Management Policy

There were consecutive strikes and demonstrations by Aborigines for their right to land. As a result, their children were allowed to enroll in school. The White Australia policy was abolished and the self-determination policy was established. The change facilitated right to linguistic, cultural, and natural resources maintenance. They were later given their right to land.

1990s: Native Tittle

The Native Title Act was established allowing the indigenous people to make land claims in certain circumstances of Queen Elizabeth visits Australia. The Native Title Tribunal was later established to hear and determine the land cases. The going home conference was held, which brought together Aborigines who have been taken away from their families. The conference also discussed social justice, compensation, and right to land.

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