Programming for Chemical and Life Science Engineering

CLSE -115

Introduction to Programming for Chemical and Life Science Engineering

Spring 2018

Guidelines for Python Project

You will be required to create a Python-based program that will constitute 10% of your final exam grade. The project will be due on the day of the final exam. The first step in the development of this project will be due next week and will be worth one workbook grade.

Step 1 – Workbook 10

On April 30rd you will need to submit a rough draft of a Python-program that will automate collection and analysis of a Chemical or Life Science Engineering process. The rough draft must include:

A detailed written description of the project

An algorithm or flowchart that describes the process you wish to automate

Define the type of file your program will access

I recommend creating a draft by April 23 and discussing your draft during recitation or lab to get suggestions on how to improve the idea. Note: Unlike for the VBA-projects, there are no do-over opportunities.

Step 2 – Build prototypes (strongly encouraged, not required)

From April 16th forward, you are recommended to create prototypes of your program. You can share these prototypes during recitation or lab and get feedback from me, the TAs and your peers. I will provide feedback on the prototypes.

As I stated in class, a good measure of your concept’s success is the enthusiasm yours peers show towards want the finished product.

Step 3 – Download Your Program on May 6th (required)

Your tested Python-program will be due May 6th.

Minimum requirements:

Your program must ingest user provided information, perform more than one calculation/subroutine/function and provide the information in a graphical, tabular, or GUI output.

Your program must perform a task that has a clear relationship to the field of Chemical or Life Science Engineering.

Your program must include a decision loop and/or an array function.

Your program must include more than 5 modules.

Your program must include annotations within the script.

Your program must include a graphical or tabular output.

Your program must access at least one file: read in a CSV file, a picture, etc…

You are welcome to build off of your VBA program but if you do, the Python version must be more elaborate.

NOTE: This is a draft. I reserve the right to change the assignment as new information comes forward.