Probability and Carnival Games Project

Question description

A local school is having a carnival to raise money for charity. Several groups are asked to create new carnival games that appeal to teenagers. The group with the best game will win a scholarship to the college of their choice. You will design a working scale model of the game. You are to create a report and a presentation addressing the following topics:

  1. Rules of the game
  2. Prizes and how to earn the prizes
  3. Experimental (at least 100 trials) and theoretical probability of winning the game
  4. Expected payoff for player
  5. Expenses
  6. Profit for carnival
  7. Why the game should be selected for the carnival

Refer to the given rubric for the specifics needed for each topic. Read each section of the rubric carefully. You should approach this project as if you are giving a sales presentation, trying to have your game picked from all the others.