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Character Strengths Research

My top five character strengths are appreciation of beauty and excellence, leadership,

fairness and equity and justice, gratitude, and kindness and generosity. These character strengths

make me who I am today, and hold great potential in helping me through my journey to mindful

living. By assessing the positive effects these traits have on my well-being, I am better able to

determine what measures I need to take to make my life more meaningful and improve my


People with an appreciation of beauty and excellence often “feel fulfilled, expand their

awareness beyond their own concerns, feel connected to the environment (physical and social),

acquire a new knowledge of the world, see it with better eyes, and feel motivated to change for

the better, and to behave in a way that preserves the harmony of the world” (Martinez-Marti,

2015). The beauty of nature, life, and everything in between has always been something I was

quick to notice. I have always wanted to explore new places and learn the local customs and

ways of life. I think this has helped me gain a broader world view and has also helped me to

better understand others. The fact that people with this character strength are often more

motivated towards positive change and have more awareness of their surroundings gives me

hope that I can always work to become a better person. I hope this character strength allows me

to maintain positive relationships and create healthy dialogue instead of constantly fighting with

those I disagree with. The ability to see many sides and hoping to change the world for the better

has definitely influenced the people I keep around me today. I think this will increase my

wellbeing as it will be much easier for me to create a network of supporters, and to think more

rationally about my circumstances when things become difficult. It will also help me channel my

ability to lead in times of crisis or disagreement.

Martínez-Martí, M. L., Hernández-Lloreda, M. J., & Avia, M. D. (2015). Appreciation of

Beauty and Excellence: Relationship with Personality, Prosociality and Well-Being. Journal of

Happiness Studies, 17(6), 2613-2634. doi:10.1007/s10902-015-9709-6

A good leader positively impacts anyone working under them and can have positive

effects on the productivity of a group (Keller, 2006). When I am working in a group, I often

think of how to delegate the work so that we are all able to work together, efficiently, and in a

way that creates the best results. However, I am also usually concerned about the thoughts of my

group members and how they think we should handle the project, as there is always more than

one way to do something. I agree with the study because, in the past, I have done my best to

show respect to my fellow team members, and they have always responded by working harder

and more willingly. I think that my leadership skills will help me to maintain a sense of order

that will reduce stress by ensuring that the group stays on top of things and creates good work. I

also hope that my leadership skills help propel me through my career as an architect, as my goal

in life is to create affordable housing projects as well as transitional housing to help bring the

homeless off the streets.