Network provider.

Introduction to Appointment Scheduling
Financial Systems/IT supported training since the date of purchase and installation
until July 2006, when training responsibilities were migrated over to patient
communication courses. A new course was designed and implemented in July 2006,
which is ongoing. The course is geared towards first-time users who are responsible for
scheduling physician appointments and arriving patients.
Learning Objectives
By attending this training, participants are able to:
• Summarize system functionality.
• View patient’s appointment details, group schedule, resource availability,
and pending appointments (for rescheduling).
• Identify the different print function options and fields.
• Confirm appointment arrival and departure by patient and by group.
• Update a patient’s appointment status.
• Describe patient introduction and interaction initiative and how it links to
appointment scheduling.
• Search for and schedule an available appointment.
• Recognize and add appropriate appointment comments.
• Force book an appointment.
• Immediately book an appointment.
• Reschedule and cancel an appointment.
Learning Benefits
• Concluding this training, participants should:
• Be more prepared to start using the system—clearly knowing what they
need and how to get started.
• Quickly respond to patient inquiries about availability or appointment
booking—providing good patient care.
• Know which print options can assist them with appointment
communication and how notes correlate with these functions.
• Learn about scripting of patient introduction and interaction initiative and
how they can make a different in patient care.
• Search for and book appointments with little difficulty.