Municipal Local government by comparison

So! Aristotle argued that human beings are social & political animals. We cannot escape
politics because it is part of our nature; it is innate within us – we are born with it and live with it
15 | Brem & Sweeney ~ 2018 ~ Government and Politics in the United States
– whether we acknowledge it or not. If this is true, that we are all political animals and politics
is a fact of our lives, then we need to understand it and we need to know how to make it
work. Whether your future is taking you into business, law, public administration, education,
health care, the arts, the sciences, or even unemployment (!); politics will touch your life in
many ways. The point is that the study of politics is not just an abstract idea! It is crucial to your
survival in the 21st century modern world system.
On this note, Ralph Dahrendorf noted that the world only offers uncertainty with no
guarantees. There is only a balance between ligatures (which hold you back) and what options
for action you have at your command; knowledge is power (as noted by Michel Foucault) and all
you are left with in the end is probabilities. There are three kinds of future: possible, probable,
and preferable. Your life tasks include doing whatever it takes to make your preferred future
“story of self” more probable than only and merely “possible.” Whatever you can do to increase
your odds increases your “life chances.” And as noted in “The Hunger Games” stories: “May
the odds ever be in your favor!”