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Borrowed from Peter Elbow, the “think piece” is a genre of writing “a bit more thought out” than a free write, but not a formal essay that must be revised. Remember your audience just is not just the teacher/professor. Your writing should be for a general audience of readers.

Three “lenses,” or ways to consider the think piece:

  1. as a carefully considered letter written to an interested friend, a new or veteran teacher say, who is a big supporter of your journey… You’ll want to convey our ideas to this friend* in no more than one page (really work to be concise in your writing and keep to 3 -4 pages ).
  2. as a structured tool of analysis where you are asked to focus not only on the elements of the text, but also on how the text fits into larger cultural conversations and questions of meaning making, values, and identity in our society
  3. as a detailed, in depth blog post about something you find interesting