Introduction to MATAB programming

ECE203: Introduction to MATAB programming


Problem 1 [10pts]

Using the provided program record_sound.m record two different sounds (each eight

seconds long). One of them ought to contain at least 5 words of your choosing (a sentence). The

other one should be a music of your choosing. You may rename the my_sound.wav file generated

by the program after recording the first time around in order to avoid re-writing it (so that you have

two separate wave files that you can manipulate).

Create a script file called run_sound_processing.m and start by reading in those two wave

files into two different variables. Note that the sampling frequency should be the same (8K

samples/sec) for both recording since you made use of the same program to generate the wave

files. You are to replace the quite instances (instances between words of first recording) with

segments of the second recording. As you play the end-result, you should hear a word followed by

music, another word followed by music and so on. Note that you don’t want to crop long segments

of music as you need to ensure that there are enough segments to be inserted for all 5 words.

Additionally, do provide a plot where the end-result is plotted against sample indices into

one subplot and another one where the end-result is plotted against time in seconds. Use different

colors to show the two recordings (e.g., red for the ones corresponding to words and blue for the

ones corresponding to music segment). Make sure to label your plots and assign a legend.

Do make sure to include all your files when submitting your work (including the .wav files)

Problem 1 [5pts]

Create a program called plot_logo..m. Insert lines of code to reproduce the figure shown

below. Hint: you can change the center of a circle by simply adding an offset the coordinates of

its perimeter.

-1.5 -1 -0.5 0 0.5 1 1.5 -1.5