Impact on climate change on the physical environment

Consequences of climate change impact in Singapore
There is an enormous impact of global warming on the climate as well as other factors in
Singapore. Singapore being a small low-lying city-state limited by natural and energy resources
is vulnerable to the consequences of climate changes has resulted in various problems developed
and physical impacts as shown in Table 1.1.
Table 1.1 – Impact on climate change on the physical environment
Source: (National Climate Change Secretariat, 2012)
The concerns related to the global warming issues are affecting the entire environment and
threaten the economic sustainability. It has a huge impact on the lives of the people as well as
the vegetation and the life of the animals. The effects have been discussed in the following
sections whereby different elements are considered regarding the concerns related to the global
warming issues in Singapore.
There are many harmful sequences of the change in climate obtained from the development of
the global warming issues. In the event GHG continue to accelerate in regard to the sudden and
drastic changes of the climate, Singapore will experience disruption and direct impact on food
supplies, ecosystem, water and human health of the people living in Singapore. Figure 1.7 are
issues had been observed owing to the effect of the global warming issues since last years in
Singapore, it has an adverse effect on the duration of nights and days, daily temperature, rainfall,
the wind, sea level rise and weather considerations that are necessary for the development of
flora and fauna and production of food.