Fundamentals of health insurance.

Management Training: April 2010-September 2010
Faculty practice group leadership requested that a dedicated training course be
scheduled to support training existing MSOs on OP Encounter Registration. The FPG
Directors Group supported the notation that specialty practice managers and supervisors
should complete the same training as new-hire/new-appointment staff in order to
effectively train staff on specialty practice-specific requirements, and to support
questions on the job. Revisions were made to the new hire 3-day series of training, on the
third day of training, in order to provide management specific topics and activities for
this offering.
Day 1: Introduction to Outpatient Registration (OPR) Training
Day 2: Insurance Payor Training, Managed Care 101
Day 3: Final Activities—customized to offer a management tool (People
Development Plan and Coaching Techniques) to better support staff with on-boarding
and performance management, and to facilitate a Q/A session with FPG leaders and
experts on encountering and the billing claim process.