From your research, what are some ways to help protect the device’s physical security when traveling with a corporate mobile device?

In this lab, you explored risks, threats, and vulnerabilities inherent in cloud computing, social
networking, and mobile computing. You read the National Institute of Standards and
Technology’s (NIST) Definition of Cloud Computing and reviewed the best practices put forth
by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and European Network and Information Security Agency
(ENISA). You also used your research to identify the top three security risks and recommended
mitigations for each.
Lab Assessment Questions & Answers
1. What are the four security checklist recommendations from the ENISA guide that
customers who want to obtain cloud services should use?
2. Name five cloud security domains according to the CSA guide. How many are there in
3. According to the NIST publication, what three cloud service models are primarily
available for customers today?

4.From your research, what are some unique risks that flash drives or portable hard drives
present to organizations? How can the risks be mitigated?
5. From your research, what are the risks associated with an employee using a service such
as Dropbox to maintain and share company files? How should the risks be approached?
6. According to the Cloud Security Alliance guide, what are some security best practices an
organization should have in place with the cloud provider before implementing a