Explain the critical mistakes to avoid in the recruitment process, mistakes that may have resulted in the recruitment challenges at Ellard Williams.

Ellard Williams, Incorporated, is a manufacturing firm founded in 1987 and based in the New England area of the United States. Almost 11,300 employees work for Ellard Williams, generating sales in excess of $200 million annually over the past 10 years while profits exceeded $15 million annually in seven of those years.
Over the past three years, however, a series of organizational mistakes, blunders, and mismanagement has affected the profitability of Ellard Williams. A recently completed strategic analysis indicates growth will slow, profits will fall, employee turnover will remain at higher than appropriate levels, and employee compensation will lag further behind the industry average. Employee motivation, performance and productivity has been identified as a critical deficiency within the organization, resulting in production delays, high defect rates in production, and management/employee confrontations that have been encouraged by three of the four labor unions representing almost 80 percent of Ellard Williams employees.
The strategic analysis indicated there were serious concerns about the competency and effectiveness of the 67-member human resource department. Labor management relations are strained, compensation practices change frequently and are seen to favor upper management, harassment and discrimination complaints have doubled over the past four years, performance appraisals are not completed, and the organizational culture stymies innovation and ingenuity. Consequently, management has lost confidence in the ability of human resources to be a strategic resource within the organization.
You are the founder of a respected human resource consulting firm. You have been contacted by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ellard Williams, Inc. who is requesting that your firm consider providing assistance and guidance to Ellard Williams in the following areas:
For this Capstone assignment, you will state the principal reasons an applicant chooses one firm over another and then propose a process that Ellard Williams can utilize to recruit a talented workforce. For a review of the Capstone project and scenario, see the Module 8 folder.
Recruiting prospective employees to fill vacant positions has been especially difficult for Ellard Williams over the past three years. The number of applicants has decreased more than 20 percent, the length of time to fill a position has risen from an average of five weeks to almost 11 weeks, and 40 percent of applicants selected did not pass the six-month probationary period, double the number of two years ago.
Management is concerned that human resources has not adapted over the past years to the recruiting challenges that exist in organizations and has requested your advice and counsel. Develop a well-written paper that addresses the following.
• Explain the critical mistakes to avoid in the recruitment process, mistakes that may have resulted in the recruitment challenges at Ellard Williams. This information would be beneficial to tailor the recruitment processes at Ellard Williams to current realities in the marketplace.

• Describe the general recruitment process that should be followed to attract the most talented employees, regardless of the type of organization. In particular, present the three most important steps or strategies that should be utilized to create a broader and more talented pool of candidates (for example, a strategy could be for a human resources representative to visit high schools, colleges, civic clubs, or local events to promote the organization).

• Summarize the traits and characteristics of the most qualified applicant to a typical firm. A concern at Ellard Williams is that it may not be hiring the right person for the position and the CEO has requested that your consulting firm present Ellard Williams with a summary of the traits and characteristics that the most talented and effective applicant hired by a typical organization should have in order to best propel the organization forward.

Note: Please keep sentences simple and not to complex. Thank you!