Environmental solutions

We will use technology to
address environmental
challenges and help our
suppliers, customers and
communities do the same.
Energy and emissions
We continuously strive to reduce energy
consumption within our operations
by careful planning, monitoring and
management of our consumption,
identifying and implementing energy
reduction and optimisation initiatives,
as well as investing in renewables.
We are also working with businesses,
customers and the community to
identify opportunities to improve
environmental performance.
In FY14 we set a long term target
to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG)
emissions per terabyte of data used
(emissions intensity) by 55 per cent
over the three year period from FY15
to FY17, from a baseline year of FY14.
We achieved our target, reducing by
68 per cent from our FY14 baseline
year. A large driver for this has been
the significant rate of growth in data
use – up 33 per cent in FY17.
From our baseline year of FY14
our absolute GHG emissions
(Scope 1, 2 and 3 tCO2
e) have reduced
by 5.9 per cent. The primary reason
for the absolute emissions reduction
is due to a decrease in the energy
coefficients (emission factors)
published by the Australia Government.
Our ongoing program of energy efficiency
projects has also contributed to the
decline in emissions