developments in historical inquiry

HIS 100 Project 3: Multimedia Presentation Guidelines and Rubric
“If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.”
—Pearl Buck
Your final longer term assignment in this course is to complete a multimedia presentation. The work you did on the topic exploration worksheet in Theme 1 and
the research plan and introduction in Theme 3 will directly support your work on this project.
One of the prime benefits of studying history is that it allows us to learn about who we are and where we came from. The people and events of the past can
often shed light on the conditions and social norms of the present. Having historical awareness can inform various aspects of your life as well as future
aspirations. Learning from past failures and successes can shape ideals and values for years to come.
This is your final longer term project designed to help you understand the fundamental processes and value of studying history. In the first project, you
completed the Topic Exploration Worksheet on one of the topics or themes from the research kit. You investigated the types of research you might need to do
to learn more about the topic and developed research questions. In Project 2, you used this worksheet to complete a research plan and introduction. You
selected one of your research questions and did some secondary source research, speculated on primary source needs, and used the information to write the
introduction and thesis statement for a possible research paper.
In the third project, you will create a multimedia presentation that explores both major developments in historical inquiry as well as the value of examining
This assessment addresses the following course outcomes:
● Investigate major developments in the progression of historical inquiry for informing critical questions related to historical narrative
● Articulate the value of examining historical events for their impact on contemporary issues
Now that you have done some research with primary and secondary sources (using only the sources provided in the research kit for your chosen topic) and
written an introduction for a possible history paper, you will turn your attention to thinking about the creation and value of historical inquiry. You will use the
research you have done throughout this course, as well as course materials, to inform your thoughts. To present your opinions and observations, you will create
a multimedia presentation (using a presentation tool such as PowerPoint or Prezi) that addresses the following critical elements. While these questions may
seem “big,” remember that you are addressing them in a presentation, not a paper, and can use bullet points, visuals, or other methods. These critical elements
will be evaluated from the information you provide in your multimedia presentation of 10–12 slides. Note: If using Prezi, be sure to include a word document
with notes. If using PowerPoint, be sure to use the speaker notes feature.