developing coherent developmental visions

National Medium Term Development Strategy
The medium term development strategy (MTDS) sets out a broad framework of policies and
programmes, which the government seeks to pursue over the medium period. Linked up with
PMS the plan serves as an important tool to direct individual and organizational performance
efforts towards achieving socio economic and political development in medium term basis.
1.3 National Medium Term Expenditure Framework
The national medium term development strategy will need to be operationalized by being linked
to the performance budget preferably by sector.
1.4 Institutional Medium Term Strategic Plan
The formulation of the medium term institutional strategic plans (MTISP) should be a major
element of the PMS process. The medium term institutional strategic plan sets out critical
information regarding priorities, verifiable indicators and targets, linkages and dependencies,
phasing and sequencing, and preliminary cost estimates within the institution set up in a medium
time framework. The plan clearly spells out the goals; objectives; results; activities; cross-cutting
issues; implementation strategy; risks and risk mitigation monitoring, evaluation and reporting;
institutional arrangements; summary work plan as well as budget and financing strategy. In this
regard, PMS should be designed and aligned with a view to ensure the successful
implementation of MTISP within the MDA’s.