Define what is Recovery and the principles of recovery paradigm in Mental health context

This is a Mental Health academic Essay topic for a Bachelor of Nursing.

The essay (above topic) has to discuss how the principles of recovery paradigm (as per attached document) can be integrated into mental health nursing practice.

In the essay’s Introduction (about 90-100 words only) – Define what is Recovery and the principles of recovery paradigm in Mental health context. Briefly explain all the 6 principles of recovery paradigm (as per attached).

In the essay’s Body (3 paragraphs) – Each paragraph should explain (along with the appropriate examples) one of the principle of recovery paradigm (any 3 out of the 6).

The 4th paragraph should explain some of the below key words in context with Mental Heath Nursing – Peer support, Advocacy, Consent and how these are integrated into mental health nursing.

Essay’s Conclusion (about 80-90 words) should just conclude with what has been discussed in the essay without the addition or introduction of any new theme/points.

General Requirements –

1) The sources / references should be Australian peer reviewed journal Articles Only.

2) The articles should be less than 8 years old.

3) The completed essay should give the reader an understanding of the consumer experience and how nurses can help facilitate the consumer’s recovery. Evidence to support this should be critically analysed rather than described and should be based on primary sources of literature (at least eight different peer reviewed journal articles).

4) The essay should be written in professional, academic language. Dot points and first-person writing (including personal opinion) should not be used in a University essay.

5) The essay should be written as in third person.

6) In-text citations and the reference list should be as per APA 6th Edition.

Please find the attached documents for information on –

1) Six Principles of recovery paradigm in the Mental Heath context and

2) Essay’s Marking Rubric

Can I please request that this essay task to be completed by an Australian writer only.
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