Deciphering insurance cards (managed care only).

Appointment Scheduling Maintenance
Financial Systems/IT supported training until July 2006, when training
responsibilities were migrated over to patient communication training. A new course was
designed and implemented in July 2006, which is ongoing. The course is geared towards
first-time users or infrequent users responsible for maintaining physician calendars and
practice appointment types, and blocking slots or sessions. Patient communication
training also provides instruction and help over the telephone to support on-the-job
Learning Objectives
By attending this training, participants are able to:
• Reference the resources available for obtaining access and support.
• Perform the three tasks necessary to add a new resource and open the
resource’s schedule of availability.
• Summarize and perform the three options available for blocking a
• Perform the steps to delete inactive resources and order profiles to ensure
that practice reports remain current.
• Evaluate practice records and plan for any required updates.
Learning Benefits
• Concluding this training, participants should:
• Know what they need to have readily available before beginning the
Appointment Scheduling Maintenance process.
• Know who to contact for help support when performing Maintenance
functions to avoid delays.
• Discover how to keep their practice records current to ensure that their
reports will be up-to-date.
• Improve performance when managing maintenance functions.
ADT Outpatient Encounter Registration
Financial Systems/IT supported training until September 2007, when training
responsibilities were migrated over to patient communication training. Training design
and development were planned and initiated to be in a phased approach. The goal of the
project was to supplement the training provided for outpatient registration on the
Encounter Registration 2000 system by offering courses on insurance payers in order to
improve employee and organizational performance with the billing claim process and
revenue cycle. Employees must pass the training course exam to be granted system