Critically examine a social media user’s publicly-visible selfies.

PROMPT: Critically examine a social media user’s publicly-visible selfies. Detail how they operate as an activist statement challenging the dominant ideology. Analyze how these selfies apply to Lange’s vulnerability, including how the images have faced and addressed Burns’ description of social discipline.


Write a 4-page critical synthesis essay (12-point font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced) that uses a case study to consider the relationship between different class topics and concerns, making connections to them throughout your essay and, especially, with a specific and unifying thesis. See the second page for the grading criteria. The paper must make significant and meaningful reference to the articles assigned for this course. While we have talked about the readings in class, you will be expected to delve deeper into them for the purposes of this essay. Rely upon lecture and discussion only for ideas not discussed in the readings. Keep in mind, however, that it should reflect your own argument, and should be more than just a collage of other people’s thoughts. Be sure to give sufficient identification within the text for each reference you make to readings, discussion, or lecture. Include a bibliography for all the materials you cite.


Drew Barrymore Women’s March Selfie/ Instagram video: