Command language based in-terfaces

User Interface Analysis

















Type of interface Description Elements of analysis
Command language based interfaces Focused on restructuring a  command language which the user can use to give a command Color-they may include colors Based on the environment, and the color has unique characters


Font-Uses Consolas or Lucida console fonts in MS-DOS or text focused like for Linux.

Ease of browsing and navigation-it is natural since a keyboard is used


Consistency-all operations and alternatives are designed in a consistent form

Gives the user more control and options


Memory load-able to multitask however not able to view the same resources at the same screen.


Distracting elements-not was able to view different resources at the same screen since the stars, heavy elements and planet do distract.

Menu driven interface Focused on an identification of the command names, and no recollection Color-doesn’t necessarily need to be visual thus suitable for a telephone.


Font-the style might be difficult to read

Ease of browsing-its natural since no need to remember the actual syntax of the command


Ease of navigation-uses pointing device thus typing effort is low since all interactions are carried through menu selection

Distraction-composing demands are impossible since actions concerning logical connectives are awkward to select. Also, slow as viewed by experienced users.


Consistency-If, the number of choices, is large, it’s difficult to select the menu.

Graphical user interface A human-based computer interface that uses window, menus, and icons that can be computed by the mouse (Toby). Color-Different colors can be used such as white and yellow for a full view and white and black for easy reading.


Font-depends on user requirements, for example, use custom fonts in browsers



Distraction-Uses a lot of CPU memory and the memory

Ease of navigation and browsing-since it’s much visually intuitive it’s easy to use


Memory load-minimizes user memory load by taking over the weight of mind from the user.


Ease of browsing and navigation-uses text navigation which makes it easy to use.

Users interact with the application.

Direct manipulation interfaces/iconic interface Presents the interface to the users in visual model forms thus also called iconic interface. Color-objects needed in the user interface are seen since they have visual tower’s colors

Font-usually has a single and also Prosodic Font.


Ease of browsing and navigation-uses time navigation allowing users to do operations at a fast rate. Also, video browsing allows speedier analysis of data


Memory load-has minimized memory load due to its ability to operate high pressure of activity faster.


Distraction-slow as seen by experienced users. Composing demand is not easy since some actions are awkward.