Clients will have decreased incidences of hyperglycemia requiring hospitalization

Having learned more about case management through the readings in this course and first three assignments, for the final project you are creating a plan to implement case management at your workplace. For the first section of the rubric, what is your recommended plan for the use of case managers in your organization for patients with your chosen chronic illness? In the second section, identify people within your organization who are stakeholders or would support your plan. Whose support do you need to get your plan implemented? In the third section, identify your goals – what do you hope to accomplish with your case management plan?
Often, starting with our goals helps – it’s a backwards design. As we think about a case management plan we are proposing for our workplace, what do we want to accomplish? Remember – goals should be measureable. For example, if the chosen chronic disease is diabetes, one goal may be:
· Clients will have decreased incidences of hyperglycemia requiring hospitalization
Once we determine what we want to accomplish, we can begin to construct our plan to achieve the goal. To achieve this goal, our plan may include providing education in a manner the client can understand (being sensitive to cultural needs), access to phone support, or inputting glucose readings into their electronic health record for documentation the case manager can evaluate and use to reach out to the client.
To put this plan in action, whose support would we need? Primary Care Physicians, Utilization Review personnel, and the Chief Financial Officer would all have an interest in optimizing patient health and reducing costs.
This paper should be 5-8 pages in length with a minimum of three scholarly sources for support.