Cause and Effects of Driving Distracted

Information Technology Issues on Transportation Industry

In Western & Ran views, application of IT in the transportation industry should focus on the applications of the intranets, extranets, as well as internet in designing, constructing and in the operation of the transportation facilities. In their recent study, they have discussed that transportation industry should anticipate the IT revolutions because according to them there will be a great impact in the distributed computing and in the application of the data management. They have pointed out that there are organizations that were not prepared for the changes an unwilling to try an initial investment for the technology. They recommend the fact that software has now become very essential in the transportation system. Safety issues should be ensured that in using the software to make sure that it will do no harm to anyone. One implication of this is that if there is a breach in the security barrier of the software the system may no longer ensure safety that may result to injury or more serious situation. They asserted that to avoid this, standards as well as guidelines should be developed where the transportation community can rely on in the changing environment.

According to Western and Ram, the following should also be considered in the application of technology transportation like how to provided assistance to the Aging and the Disabled drivers, how to evaluate the needs and behaviour of the motorists according to the deployment of the transportation technology and how to start the partial, advance, as well as full automation, how to evaluate the collision warning as well as the avoidance system, and how the mitigation system works.