For the two legal case briefs – each patient was the subject of a judicial decision by the court of a particular state regarding the termination of life-sustaining or life-supporting medical treatment. In some cases, the court allowed the withholding or withdrawal of treatment. In others, the court ordered that treatment be provided or continued.
The goal of this exercise is to determine whether YOU think the court’s decision in each case was reasonable in light of the specific facts of the case.

1) For each case, summarize each category in narrative form:
– Patient Name
– Physical Condition/Diagnosis/Prognosis
– Type of Treatment
– Proposed/At Issue
– Patient’s Instructions/Expressed Wishes or Preferences
– Patient’s Competency Status
– Court Decision (highest court level)

2) Discuss your impression of the court’s decision in each of the 2 cases. Address among other things:
– Any factors the court considered particularly compelling
– State’s interests vs. individual rights
– Any similarities or differences between the 2 cases that may have influenced the outcomes
– Your personal reaction to/opinion of the court’s rulings