Case Study: Assignment 3 (Assessment & Treatment Plan)

SWK 615 – Case Study: Assignment 3 (Assessment & Treatment Plan)
For this assignment, please use case study attached.
• Identify/describe/interpret your client & give a brief synopsis of the case/history
• Identify/describe/interpret client strengths & sources of support
• Identify/describe/interpret any medical issues associated with the client
• Identify/describe/interpret environmental & cultural factors that may be associated with client’s current state
• Identify/describe/interpret a target for intervention
• Identify/describe/interpret at least one mode of treatment
• Identify/describe/interpret at least one mutually agreed upon goal (hint- use target for intervention)
• Provide a concise description of the target goal(s)
• Identify/describe/interpret at least two objectives related to the mutually agreed upon goal
• Identify/describe/interpret required activities to accomplish the goal (social worker’s responsibilities/activities)
• Identify/describe/interpret a timeline for completion of each objective.
• Identify/describe/interpret, & interprets a plan for follow-up that includes information on how the intervention will be monitored and evaluated for success or change.
Submission requires cited research to back up assertions, especially with regard to potential treatment modalities. Scholarly writing in the School of Social Work requires the accurate use of APA 6th Edition style. An abstract is not required for this assignment.

**Additional Guidance**
For the last case study assignment, I would like for you to become creative for the assignment. You are giving the case to expand on the material. Therefore, if you are provided with limited information, add to the material that is presented. I would like to see more with cultural factors. For example, if you are discussing a geriatric client, discuss how social workers might approach this population differently than others. Also, African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians approach mental health treatment differently than Caucasians. These cultures tend to be collectivistic, meaning they are extremely family oriented. It is important to note if the client and the family are spiritual. Do they have certain values? It is critical to add more research literature to this section of the assignment. If there are no cultural factors, it needs to be documented, but I highly encourage you to become creative with this section of the assignment. Also, no .com, .gov, and .org websites with these assignments! Yes, they provide a wealth of information, but they are not scholarly. Please cite scholarly references such as peer reviewed articles. Please make sure you limit to one book reference as well.