Car Wash Business Proposal

Car Wash Business Proposal Personnel Plan

The personnel of Cleanest Car Wash will be made up of two major categories, the management, and the casuals (Belanger and Wentworth 2002). The management will consist of two positions, the overall manager, and the accountant. The manager will be a qualified individual, with some kills in the management profession. His/her responsibility will involve managing the whole venture, planning and coordinating all the activities f the venture. The manager will also be in charge of other workers. The accountant will have accounting qualification and experience. The duties will be collecting the service charges, issuing receipts and keeping record. He/she will also be in charge of the remuneration of other personnel of the venture. The other part of personnel will be the casual worker. Their working will be offering washing services to the customers of Cleanest Car Wash.

Car Wash Business Proposal

SWOT Analysis

Some of the strengths of Cleanest Car Wash are its strategic position. It is located along the highway, where there is huge traffic. In addition, it is adjacent to a petrol station and a garage. Therefore, the petrol station can take the advantage of petrol station and garage to source customers. The venture has a weakness of in adequate staff to operate at night shift. There are only a few staff who are willing to work at night. The venture has an opportunity of an untapped market, since there is no other car wash of its standard that has been established in the area. In addition, Cleanest Car Wash has a large area where it can expand its business in case of expansion of the target market. However, Cleanest Car Wash has one threat of lack of enough water during the dry season. The river from which it sources the water is seasonal and may dry during an extended dry season.

Industry analysis

The car wash industry, just as any other industry is affected by the porters five forces existing in the market. There is rivalry in the market due to several car wash ventures operating in the area (Lang, Poulsen, and Stulz, 2007). The rivalry is majorly because of competition for customers. There is also the threat of new entrants in the market. Incase potential competitors realize the presence of huge profits realized by Cleanest Car Wash, there is the possibility of new entrants, increasing the competition in the industry. In addition, there is a threat of substitutes, where the customers may shift to a cheaper venture. This could pose a threat to the venture. The customers on their part have a bargaining power. They may be in a position to negotiate for cheaper prices of the services. In the venture, suppliers could be considered the staffs who supply their effort to the venture. The workers may demand increase in their salaries. This may adversely affect the venture, since it reduces the profit left after deduction of the expense. In case, the venture will buy water, the suppliers may demand higher prices, which would adversely affect the venture.

Plans and Strategies to gain competitive advantage

The venture has put in place several strategies, aimed at acquiring a competitive advantage among the other competitors (Kirby (2012). The first is to ensure customer satisfaction at all cost. This will ensure that any customer who have received our services will come back, and possibly refer others to our car wash. The venture will also ensure that all the stakeholders of the venture receive maximum attention and value. The prices charged would be reasonable, in order to avoid discrimination of any kind. To create awareness, an advertisement program will be directing customers to our car wash.


In any venture, capital is one of the most essential commodity that must be available before starting a venture (Smith, and Smith, 2000). It consists of both the internal and the external sources. In relation to Cleanest Car Wash, the internal capital will come from the contribution of the proprietors. A portion of the capital was used to buy the land on which the car wash will be located. The remaining contribution, after the purchase of the land is not enough to settle the whole venture in to operation.