Based on your knowledge of other corporations, what is the base and process of a Corporate Cybersecurity Incident Response Team?

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Instructions: Please read over each question carefully. Provide a written statement answer of 3 to 5 complete sentences for each numbered question. You are a Cybersecurity researcher/ analyst and your corporation’s immediate incident response team needs back ground research completed. Each question is a research task and you can use the web for your research. Prepare the answers in a brief bulleted format using 12 font, Times Roman Single Space for each numbered research question. Each question should be referenced and correctly APA cited. (NOTE: NO copying, cutting and pasting from websites and online research. I will be using “Grammarly” to check if answers have been copied from any website. If you have been caught cutting, copying and pasting, your midterm will result in an immediate grade of “F”).

  1. Based on your knowledge of other corporations, what is the base and process of a Corporate Cybersecurity Incident Response Team? (10 Points)
  2. The “WannaCry” campaign hit the U.S. pretty hard including many corporations. Please write a quick memo on “WannaCry” and the collective response by corporate cybersecurity centers. What do you suggest as an analyst? (10 Points)
  3. In 2017 Equifax was hit hard by a major breach. What happened? How did the Equifax breach occur? How did the corporation handle the press and their public reputation? (10 Points)
  4. What has been the latest major Private sector breach? What has been the latest government breach? Were there any differences in response to the breaches? How about services offered to their victims? (10 Points)
  5. Name some of the most notorious cybersecurity research firms? When were they founded? Have they been effective in providing timely deliverables and products to the public for preventing further cyber-attacks? (10 Points)
  6. What is a corporations’ real reason of concern regarding cybersecurity? Why does the C-Suite want to ultimately know about cybersecurity attacks and breaches? What do corporations conduct in order to address their concerns? Do you believe this is effective? (10 Points)
  7. All corporations are concerned about what happened to Sony Entertainment. What made the Sony Entertainment cyber-attack so significant? How did Sony recover? (10 Points)
  8. What is the fear of corporations of the individual known as Mr. Kim DotCom? Why were Corporations so afraid? What happened during his capture? (10 Points)
  9. What is meant in cybersecurity using the term “Tactical Engagement”? How is “Tactical Engagement applied in the field? (10 Points)
  10. What is cyber threat intelligence? What is meant by Cyber Threat Hunting? What is Cyber Threat Hunting? How as a SOC manager would you deploy Cyber Threat Intelligence and Cyber Threat Hunting? How does Cyber Threat Intelligence interact with cyber Threat Hunting within incident response teams? (10 Points)