Application Statement of Purpose Essay

Question description

This is an application essay asking me, writing a statement of purpose to Koc University for Undergraduate Law Program. As a requirement, the university wants to include these three bullet points.

  • your academic background and achievements:
    • four year of high school program in IB school graduating with 3.6 GPA
    • Several Honor Roll Recognition Certificates for ending my each semester with 3.7 and above GPA
    • one year of undergraduate study in Montclair State University in Psychology Major
    • Attending volunteer works and jobs in helping associations in my country (Turkey), and US.
    • Attending clubs that I enjoy in high school program
    • Creating an antique exhibition in my high school program to introduce my culture to other cultures.
  • your proposed area of study or research interests
    • Law program in Koc University.
    • **When writing about your proposed area of study or research interests you should try to include a title (even if it is tentative), a statement of the research problem or topic, an outline of how you plan to address this problem, and details of your previous research or publications.
  • why you are prepared for this program
    • talk about personal behaviors of person who wants to attend to Law program.