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Argumentative Essay Source Summary

Topic/Focus: Finding and Analyzing Library Sources

Length: 600 words maximum

Materials: PC or Mac; Word processing software (MS Word, Google Docs, iWork Pages, Open Office)


This assignment is another in the series to prepare you for your documented argument paper. In class, we

have learned about three modes of persuasive argumentation: ethos, pathos, and logos. Conducting

research and incorporating evidence into your argument will strengthen all three modes of persuasion.

The purpose of this assignment is to apply critical thinking skills to the analysis of potential sources for your

paper. Using your approved topic and research question as a starting point, utilize library resources to find

sources. Submit an MLA style annotated bibliography listing your four required sources for Essay 4.You will

likely encounter sources that appear credible and useful at first, but which don’t hold up under closer

scrutiny. At this stage, it is acceptable to document sources which you will ultimately decide not to include

in your final paper.

Your task is to demonstrate why each source is (or is not) useful.

You must find:


  • One scholarly journal article, using a Library database.
  • Your article must be at least 2 pages long and cannot be editorials, letters to the editor, opinion


columns, or book reviews.


  • One news magazine or newspaper article, using a Library database.
  • Your article must be at least 2 pages long and cannot be editorials, letters to the editor, opinion


columns, or book reviews.


  • One source addressing counterarguments to your main claim/thesis.
  • This source can be an article, video, report, topic overview, website (if you haven’t already


included one), or statistics of at least 2 pages in length.

You should use one or more of the following databases to conduct your library research:


  • Academic Search Complete
  • America’s NewsBank
  • Opposing Viewpoints in Context
  • Opposing Points of View
  • Points of View Resource Center
  • Issues and Controversies





For each source, write an entry of 5-10 sentences that contains the following:


  • Search Strategy
  • Explain how you searched for the source. What specific strategies did you use from our library


instruction or the online library research lesson to find this source? What database did you choose

and why was this the best choice for your claim? What challenges, if any, did you face while finding

this source? How did you troubleshoot those?


  • Citation in proper MLA format
  • Use the library’s MLA Documentation guide, linked in the MLA Documentation: Citing Sources and


Avoiding Plagiarism lesson in Unit 5 of the course, your course textbook, and the Purdue OWL to

ensure your citations follow MLA documentation faithfully.


  • Annotation that includes answers to all of the following questions. The entire annotation must


be written in your own words. It may not be copied from the abstract or any other description,

and it may not include direct quotations from the publication itself.


  • Summary & Purpose: What are the main ideas of the source? Is the main purpose of the source to


contribute new knowledge about the topic or to try to persuade an audience to believe or to do

something about the topic?


  • Methods Used to Collect Evidence & Reliability of Evidence: Is it clear from the source what


methods were used to gather the evidence used in the source? Does the source convince you that

its evidence is reliable? Why or why not?


  • Applicability: Why is this source helpful to your research? How will you use it in your paper? Are


there any limitations to its usefulness for your paper? Can you overcome these limitations? How?


  • Authority and Aim: Is the source written by someone who has the expertise to write on the topic?


List the credentials of the author(s). Currency: Is the source up-to-date for your topic? Bias: What