abnormal gut bacteria

SCI 100 Topic Exploration Graphic Organizer Sample

Link to article: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/06/160627160939.htm

Topic (Describe the topic discussed in your news story, providing details about the background of the topic.) Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) may be caused by abnormal bacteria in the gut. At this point, no one knows what causes chronic fatigue syndrome, which is a disease that causes people to feel tired much of the time. When samples were collected and studied from people who have chronic fatigue syndrome as well as people who do not, it was found that the bacteria present in the people with the disease was different. There was less variety, and there were fewer species that are anti- inflammatory. People with CFS also had more signs of inflammation in their blood. In the future, this team will look for viruses and fungi in the gut as well.

Main Idea (Identify the main idea or thesis in the news story you selected.) The types of bacteria that live in the gut of people with chronic fatigue syndrome is different from the bacteria in the people who do not have the disease. This indicates that there may be a connection between gut bacteria and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Supporting Evidence (Describe the evidence that supports the main idea or thesis of your news story.)

1) A research team correctly diagnosed 83% of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome using stool samples and blood work.

2) Samples from people with chronic fatigue syndrome contained less variety and different types of bacteria than samples from healthy people.

3) People with chronic fatigue syndrome had markers of inflammation in their blood.

Questions (Your questions should be based on the main idea and supporting evidence that you identified.)

1) Does abnormal gut bacteria cause chronic fatigue syndrome? 2) Does abnormal gut bacteria cause inflammation? 3) What is the relationship between gut bacteria and inflammation?

Information (Identify the types of sources that you could use to find more information about the topic discussed in your news story and the questions you posed.) I would want to search in peer-reviewed journals for more information on these topics, specifically medical journals. I might also be able to find some information on university websites where research on chronic fatigue syndrome is conducted.