A Pacific Northwest Geologic Mystery

GEOG102 Lab #7 2

appendices and can be referred to in the report, but do not count towards the 500-600 words.


10% Neatness, spelling, and grammar 30% Your observations and interpretation must be typed following the attached sheet (page 6) 60% The 500-600 typed summary connecting the hints into a cohesive explanation of the Pacific Northwest Geologic Mystery

What to hand in at Wednesday lecture during the last week of class □ Typed observations and interpretations on attached sheet. □ 500-600 word typed lab report Lab Report Requirements 1. Lab reports must be typed. Standard one inch margins, double spaced, size 12 fonts are

required (either Times New Roman or Calibri). Your observations and interpretation sheets can be size 10 font and single spaced.

2. A title, brief introduction and several well-organized paragraphs are mandatory. Use the following headings to subdivide your report: Introduction (~50 -75 words), Method (~50-75 words), Observations and Interpretations (main body of the paper) (300-400 words), and Conclusion (~50-100words). Attach the typed observation/interpretation tables from the lab period as an appendix.

3. See the discussion of the scientific method on page 5 and use this to guide the observations and interpretation section of your lap report.

4. Each paragraph should contain a topic sentence and the other sentences should support that topic sentence. Each sentence must be complete, grammatically correct and use correctly spelled words. Sentences and paragraphs must be clear in their meaning, not sloppy or vague.

5. Reports must be uploaded to Canvas for your TA to grade. 6. Professional language should be used throughout the report. The report should be written in

the 3rd person (not 1st). Words should be technical and professional, not colloquial or slang. Contractions (“they’re”, “we’re”, “it’s”) should be avoided.

7. The meaning of each sentence and paragraph must be clear. Do not assume that your TA will understand your meaning if you use vague language, incomplete sentences, or if sentences are not put together in a coherent manner. Your TA has been instructed not to try to make sense out of sentences or paragraphs that lack organization or are poorly organized.