5 Must Have Dissertation Chapters for it to be Approved

5 Must Have Dissertation Chapters for it to be Approved

The most common question I am asked by student is, “How Many Chapters should I include in my dissertation to get is approved by my professor?” This question takes me back to the early 2010, when I was writing my PHD Dissertation. I pity the situation of having no idea how many dissertation chapters MUST be included, for it to earn credential required for approval by the supervisor.

From my perspective, the question about the chapters to be included in a dissertation is relevant, but what is critically relevant is what dissertation content must be included in each of the 5 chapters to earn the credibility and threshold required.

In this article, I will share the 5 Must Have Dissertation Chapters for it to be Approved.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 1, as its name suggests is the introduction of the whole dissertation. It acts as the engine, which drives the rest of the document and should be a complete and empirical argument. It should contain an introduction paragraph, the problem background, the purpose of conducting the research, the research question and research objectives. In this section of dissertation writing researcher should clearly identify the research gap.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

In literature review, the researcher reviews the literature existing regarding the scope of his research. The researcher should prove that none of the previous studies has addressed his/her research problem. It includes review of their research gap, methodology and their findings. As a student, you may need Best Writers Services from Essayshelpcenter.com to get the chapter done effectively.

Chapter 3: Methodology

It is the most important section of the dissertation chapters. It explains the practices, procedures and methods applied in analyzing the research questions. The researcher should explicitly detail the research philosophy, methodology, design, and techniques used in data collection and analysis. For a dissertation and thesis papers writing, this section requires use of statistical software such as SPSS, EVIEWS, STATA, R-STATISTCS, and MINITAB to analyze the data. As an expert in data analysis, it is advisable to get Best Writers Services from Essayshelpcenter.com to analyze your dissertation data.

Chapter 4: Results and Discussion

In chapter 4, the writer should present the results obtained from the data analysis, and discuss the findings. The discussion should be in reference to the literature, which was discussed in chapter 2. Here, the flow of information matters.

Chapter 5: Conclusion

This chapter should summarize your research findings, and present recommendations to the stakeholders who find your research relevant and for future research. This chapter sums up the relevance of the research.

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