27. How does the multidimensional database store data? 

10. What is meant by customizing a software package?
11. Explain the client–server architecture.
12. Explain the difference between a symmetric encryp- tion algorithm and an asymmetric encryption 
13. What is the purpose of the hardware and software specification?
14. What do you think are the most important security issues for a system?
15. What is meant by authentication? What is its role in 
securing transactions?
16. What are three fundamental parts of most user interfaces?
17. Why is content awareness important?
18. Why are interface standards important?
19. Why do we prototype the user interface design?
20. What type of interface evaluation did you perform 
in the “Your Turn 9.1”?
21. Why is using a top-down modular approach useful 
in program design?
22. Describe the primary deliverable produced during program design. What does it include and how is it used?
23. What does a data couple depict on a structure chart? 
A control couple?
24. Where does the analyst find the information needed 
to create a structure chart?
25. What is the purpose of the structure chart in pro- 
gram design?